Support Services and Service Levels

All Support Services are for the intended use of Resellers and End Users in the Territory only.

Standard Business Hours – Reseller Only Support

As a Reseller of Westcoast Cloud, the standard technical break/fix support is provided at no additional cost to the Cloud Services.

Standard Business Hours for our support desk are defined as Monday-Friday 8am-6pm (excluding UK and Republic of Ireland Bank Holidays).

Methods for support contact are email, phone call or raised via the Westcoast Cloud Helpcentre (

High priority break/fix support is 24x7, and initiated by phone call only.

The Reseller should act as the primary point of contact for all support and licensing queries for the End User.

Call Prioritisations

Calls for Cloud Services are prioritised in the following way:


Incident Type


High Priority (P1)

Service Interruption affecting all End Users on a tenant(s). Business Critical

Phone call

Normal Priority (P2)

Service Interruption affecting one or more End Users

Phone call, email, Westcoast Cloud Helpcentre


General Education or How-to query

Phone call, email, Westcoast Cloud Helpcentre


Service Levels


The call priority will determine the service levels, as follows:



Technical Break/fix

Support Target Response Time


High Priority (P1)

2 Hours

Normal Priority (P2)

4 Hours


Next Business Day



As calls may be passed to a Third Party Provider to resolve, Westcoast is unable to guarantee a resolution time with our Service Levelss.


Incident Escalation





Tier 1

Westcoast shall perform all initial troubleshooting (to the Reseller) in attempt to diagnose and resolve the issue or query.

Westcoast believes that it has carried out all initial actions to resolve the issue and if the issue is still unresolved it will be escalated to Tier 2

Tier 2

Westcoast will carry a reassessment of the troubleshooting steps and provides guidance to attempt to diagnose and resolve the issue.

Once satisfied that all necessary steps have been taken and the issue is still unresolved the issue will be escalated to  Tier 3

Tier 3

Westcoast will engage the relevant Third Party Provider who will reassess and resolve the incident, including providing updates and timescales to previous Tiers until resolved.


Where, as per the definition, a High Priority (P1) incident a support call to the Tier 2 can be raised by a representative of the Tier 1. In this instance, the Tier 2 will act on behalf of the Tier 1 for this incident.

Westcoast utilises remote connectivity software in order to investigate and resolve issues. Westcoast will not be liable for any issues as a result of using these products.


Incident Managed Process


Westcoast shall employ the following process to resolve Incidents in a timely and efficient manner, by following the Incident support Process below:

  1. Reseller notifies Westcoast support desk of the Incident by lodging an Incident Report by either telephone (upon which Westcoast support Desk representative will submit the appropriate form), through an online portal ( or emailing in the required format specified by Westcoast, in either case using such contact details as found on the Cloud Service Information Site from time to time.

2          Westcoast assigns the Incident a Ticket and notifies the Reseller of the Ticket number satisfying the Response Time requirement.

  1. Westcoast assesses the Incident and assigns it to an appropriate engineer for resolution.
  2. Engineer determines whether they have sufficient information to resolve the Incident.
  3. If the engineer does not have sufficient information to resolve the Incident, the engineer shall contact the Reseller and request more information.
  4. Engineer determines whether they will be able to resolve the Incident with the information provided
  5. If the engineer assesses that they will not be able to resolve the Incident the engineer notifies the Reseller that the Incident is to be escalated,
  6. Incident is escalated to the next level of Support or third party support

9          Engineer works with Reseller and third party support to resolve the issue, coordinates meetings and communications with all parties for progress updates until resolution.

Support will request daily information unless an agreed update timeframe has been agreed. Where the reseller or end user does not supply information required to progress the incident for 3 business days, the incident will be marked as resolved.

  1. The engineer resolves the Incident. Resolution progress is reported to the Reseller and the Reseller is notified upon Incident resolution.

11       The Reseller confirms to Westcoast that the Incident has been resolved. If Resolution is not confirmed by the Reseller the Incident is escalated to the next level of Support.

  1. If the Reseller does confirm that the Incident has been resolved. The incident can be re-opened for up to 5 days.

The Ticket is permanently closed after the 5th day of resolution. A new incident will need to be created.

13       A satisfaction survey is sent to the Reseller to complete.


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