How to raise a credit request

Before continuing please ensure the credit request meets the criteria explained in Criteria For Credit 


The following information will be required:

  • Partner company name*
  • Partner contact email address*
  • Partner contact name*
  • Cloud account number*
  • Affected company name (if partner please specify name as appears on Marketplace)
  • Which Westcoast Cloud Marketplace does the affected company bill through*
  • Expected credit amount ex VAT*
  • Related invoice number
  • Reference number (Microsoft ticket/Westcoast Cloud support ticket) if applicable
  • Affected Subscription ID/License*
  • Time period (start and end date)*
  • Reason for credit*
    • Service outages (service level agreement credits)
    • Technical reasons
    • Accidental purchase
    • Misinformation or promise from Microsoft/Westcoast Cloud/Non-Microsoft
    • Duplicate order
    • Westcoast Cloud billing error
  • Please detail any additional information to support this claim*

*Mandatory to answer

To raise your request please go to Credit Request Form

Credit Request SLAs

Once the form has been submitted, this will be sent to and an acknowledgement will be sent within 24 hours.

With all credit requests, Westcoast Cloud will endeavor to provide updates, at a minimum of every 7 days. 

If a ticket needs to be logged/escalated with a 3rd Party (ie Microsoft) there are no resolution SLA.

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