You have clicked in your Office 365 and noticed that all your Support and Partner Relationship information contains an entry for Westcoast Cloud.


Who are Westcoast?

Westcoast is an authorised UK distributor of Microsoft licensing. We are classed as a Tier 2 Cloud Service Provider (CSP) which means we only sell licensing to our partner Resellers.

Why is Westcoast displayed in our O365 Portal?

The company who you purchased your O365 has purchased these through Westcoast Cloud.

Why can I not raise Support Tickets/Service Requests direct to Microsoft?

As an authorised Microsoft Partner, Westcoast Cloud is contractually obliged to provide support to any partners that have purchased Microsoft products through the CSP programme.

As a CSP preferred partner of Microsoft, Westcoast Cloud benefits from elevated licensing and O365 support.

What should I do/Where do I get Support?

Contact to your licensing provider. They will be able to assist you in your O365 query.



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