Add Reseller to End Customer Partner Relationship

When you’re authorized as a delegated administrator, you can then access the client’s account and administer their services on their behalf.

As the Partner of Record (Westcoast) cannot be removed, it is advised that a Partner Reseller add a Partner Relationship entry so all licensing and support calls are directed to them.


In order to be added in your customer's Partner Relationship field:

  • -In the Partner Reseller's O365 portal, navigate to Build your Business.
  • -Select Delegate Admin Offer
  • -Copy the information and offer URL for the delegated administration, and then paste it into a customized email, document, or webpage.
  • -Send the offer to your end customer's Global Admininistrator.
  • -When your customer receives your offer, the message contains a link that they can follow to grant you delegated administration privileges. If the client accepts your offer, you receive an email with their response.

This offer isn’t client-specific. It can be reused for multiple clients.



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