Monthly Pro Rata Billing Explained

If you are new to monthly billng please see the details below that will explain how this works within CSP at Westcoast.

First Order and Adding Licenses

When adding licenses for your first CSP order, these will be billed in your first invoice.

Any orders up until and including the last day of the month will be billed on the first day of the month.

This bill will also include the next month's charges for the forthcoming month.

Removing Licenses

When licenses are removed, the following 2 scenarios can occur:

  • Where the license has been removed in the same month period (i.e. they licenses have not been billed for), these will only be billed for the time between when the license was ordered and then cancelled
  • Where the license has already been charged a full month on a previous bill, a credit will be issued for the time the license was removed.



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