Am I able to switch/move to CSP from my current plan?

Yes. If you are considering moving or switching to CSP, the following scenarios are ideal for CSP:

  • Advisor i.e. subscription paid for by credit card directly
  • Open (when near expiration)
  • Moving to CSP from another CSP provider

Am I able to switch/move to Westcoast from my current CSP provider?

Yes. CSP allows multi-channel partnering meaning you can be supplied O365 and Azure licensing by different CSPs. As such, you can also remove CSP providers as well. 

Please note: you cannot purchase the same license from 2 different CSPs

Adding another CSP Provider

In order to add another CSP provider, the partner/reseller will need to complete Westcoast the invitation process

Moving from another CSP Provider?

The partner/reseller will need to follow the steps below:

Initially the invitation process must be completed

Contact the New CSP provider:

  • Request the licenses be added BEFORE the termination of the old licenses, to prevent loss of service

Contact the Existing CSP Provider:

  • When you intend to terminate licenses
  • Any billing implications are discussed (different CSPs have different termination terms)
  • Ensure of the removal from Partner Relationship on the tenant

Assign any licenses, as necessary

Please note: Licensed purchased through telco and syndication partners should read Moving a Customer from a Telephony/Syndication Partner

Cancelling CSP Provider

As per the Microsoft CSP terms and conditions of CSP, the original CSP partner may take over 90 days to be fully removed from a customer tenancy. During this time, the original CSP may still be listed as the primary support contact within the tenant "Partner Relationship".

Please see the instructions for raising Service Requests upon terminating your CSP arrangement with a provider:


Leaving Westcoast

If you decide to leave Westcoast please send an email to with the company details who want to be removed and we will be happy to assist. 

Should you require further information please contact Westcoast Cloud Sales to discuss switch options.

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