What is NOT included in Westcoast Support?

Much like Microsoft there are support boundaries (referred to as "out of scope"). A list of examples of what is defined as out of scope includes, by is not limitted to:

Licenses not purchased via Westcoast

Please see the guidance provided by Microsoft:


  • Where Westcoast confirm that the cause of the issue is due to a DNS issue. This is usually managed by the partner or an external DNS hosting provider. Microsoft and Westcoast provide troubleshooting steps to assist in diagnosing DNS issues.

Localised Network Issues

Individual Client Office Issues

  • Where errors and issues are experienced by individual users on a PC or laptop. Microsoft and Westcoast provide troubleshooting steps to assist in diagnosing issues experienced in the Office suite (e.g. Word, Excel, Powerpoint) with a 'best effort' approach. In these cases however beyond these steps and tools, a support case should be raised via Assisted Support as they are not supported via CSP.
  • Individual client issues are difficult to pin point issues as in most cases only one/a few users are affected, after troubleshooting from Westcoast and Microsoft the end resolution could be to re-install the Operating System and Office suite. 

    Operating System Issues
  • Where errors and issues are experienced by individual users on a PC or laptop. Issues diagnosed as due to Operating System errors, cases should be raised directly to Microsoft Business Support

Apple and Android App Support

  • All Apple and Android app device support must be raised directly to the respective support service on the device in question. As instructed by Microsoft the user should:

    "Reproduce the problem you are having, and then tap Settings -> Help -> Contact Support"

Reseller Partner Accounts

  • WestcoastCloud have no access to support Reseller Partner Center accounts, any issues around these will need to be directed to Microsoft: Phone 0344 800 6006: Option 1. This is due to WestcoastCloud having no access to this side of Microsoft, Reseller Partner Accounts are created outside of CSP support
  • MPN Issues - If a Reseller has any MPN issues these need to be dealt with Microsoft on the telephone: 0344 800 6006: Option 4

Further Microsoft telephone numbers can be located here.

Migration - Microsoft Out of Hours High Priority Calls

  • Migration service requests cannot be raised as a High Priority Service Request as this is not caused by a Microsoft outage. Therefore during the planning stage of the migration it is good practise to ensure that a service request is raised so an engineer can be available to assist in the appropriate timezone.

 Root cause Analysis 

  • Westcoast support provide a break/fix service. Where an issue has been investigated and resolved but a root cause analysis is required this may be a chargeable service. 
  • The cause of the issue may be offered during diagnosis, however is not guaranteed for every support case, if root cause analysis is required please visit this site.

  Visual Studio

  • Visual Studio is not covered under CSP support, WestcoastCloud will perform a best efforts basis to resolve the issue but cannot guarantee a resolution
  • Visual Studio is out of scope for Microsoft support, cases cannot be raised via WestcoastCloud to go to Microsoft 

Partner Centre issues 

  • Westcoast's support agreement is with the Office 365 support team. Regrettably this means that we do not have any support agreement with the team that deals with Partner Centre issues.
  • Examples of these issues are: 
    • CSP refunds
    • Software licensing SKUs (eg: missing keys, licensing errors, activation errors) 
    • Any Reseller/Microsoft relationship aspects (eg: incentives, partner competency errors) 
    • Any CSP invite errors 
  • If Resellers require any support on the above functions, they will need to log a support ticket in the Partner Centre.
  • If the Reseller does not have a Partner Centre account, then we will log a ticket for you, however we will put the Reseller contact details as the primary contact. 
  • We must make all Partners aware that we have no escalation path for this area of support. Additionally this Team does not have any SLA's, so unfortunately we cannot make any guarantees of time taken to respond to these errors. 
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