What is Defined by a High Priority Service Request?

A High Priority Service Request is defined by the level of impact and the availability of the service.

Where a service becomes unavailable for ALL tenancy users, the Service Request will be given a High Priority.

Please see the below:

  Service Available Service Unavailable
One User


All Users Normal High

This is to match Microsoft as below: 


High Priority Service Requests must be due to a Microsoft Incident or Outage. Incidents raised as a result of a Reseller/user action will be handled at normal priority.

A non high-priority case would be if one user is affected by a service interruption. Similar issues will be dealt with within the normal Westcoast SLA's.

A request for a High Priority case can ONLY be initiated by a phone call to the Service Desk.

A list of examples of non-supported scenarios can be found:

What is not included in Westcoast CSP Support?



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