How to raise a Service Request/Support Ticket

In order to raise a Service Request you will need to log into the Help Center using your Westcoast Cloud Help Center Account.

What is a Westcoast Cloud Help Center Account?
How do I get a Westcoast Cloud Help Center Account?

From the main page select 'Support Articles & Troubleshooting':

Next pick the relevant section that relates to the issue you are facing:

On the left are useful guides which may resolve common issues, for further troubleshooting select an article on the right under 'Support & Service Requests':

Please follow the suggested steps.

Should the suggested step not resolve your issue click 'no' at the bottom to go to the next step, if none of the steps help at the end you will be presented with the relevant Service Request Form:

On the form page please provide all requested information to expedite the troubleshooting/resolution process.


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