Cancelling Direct (Advisor)/Trial Subscriptions

Cancelling your existing subscriptions, may also mean a rebate/refund for your customer's unused services.

Westcoast are unable to facilitate canceling licenses on behalf of Resellers or end customers, due to new security and auditing policies this will need to be performed by the customer themselves. 

This will also prevent your customer's licenses from going into a "reduced functionality" state whilst in the expiry 30 day period.

Here is how your customer or the reseller can cancel the subscriptions:

  • Call Microsoft on 0800 032 6417 (option 1, then option 4) – Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
    **Do not press 1 for Partner**
  • Make sure that you are a named global admin on the portal (or, if necessary, create an account and assign it the global admin role)
  • You will be asked some security questions (make sure they are exactly as they appear on the portal)
  • Usually these are 3 of the below (information found by clicking the name of the tenant in the top right):
    • Company name (as displayed in the portal)
    • Full address
    • Telephone numbers
    • Contact email address
    • Alternate email address
    • The name of another Global Admin
  • State you want to cancel the subscriptions as the licenses have been purchased through a "CSP" partner
  • List the subscription(s) you wish to have removed
  • Once cancelled they will be refunded for the days that weren't used (if over 30 days remaining).
  • These will be listed in your portal as "Disabled" under - Licenses -> Subscriptions

If any Direct licenses overlap with those from CSP, the CSP licenses will remain and take over.

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